Advantages to be a Linux user

Many of my friend asked my why I use Linux. They said it is hard to use, a terminal based OS. They also said "Microsoft Windows" is worlds most advanced and popular OS I have no right to defame about Microsoft. But I think I found many advantages in Linux which I didn't get in Windows.

  • First of all it is open source. No need to do piracy and you can change it according to your taste.
  • It has better  security system than Windows.
  • Mostly it is virus free.
  • Terminal is a powerful tool. It makes work easier. We can download many software in seconds by using it. It also teach us about many things like repository, Unix working etc.
  • You can also use it graphically.
  • I found Internet works better in Linux than Windows. I can save more bandwidth in Linux.
  • It helps me to learn more about computer. Windows user really don't need to use net for solving Windows problems. But in Linux you have to use net for solving Linux problems and this will help you to learn about computer.
  • Linux have many distros. So I can use it according to my taste.
  • Gnome,KDE,XFCE,LXDE,Unity so many desktop environment(DE) in Linux which you will not found in Windows.
  •  You can find lightweight distros like puppy Linux, Slitaz etc which is not available in windows.
Ubuntu 12.10

It is a little part of its advantage. I personally use Ubuntu. But I think Linux mint is best for new Linux users. You can think why I am telling you about Linux. You also can think that Linux pays for me that. But no I am telling you about it because I found it best.

I think everyone should try Linux distros to see the truth behind this. If you are going to use Linux best of luck to you.